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Dry Brush

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We are so excited to add this to our collection. Dry brushing has been super popular lately due to its total body benefits. Just 5 minutes a day can promote detoxification, stimulate circulation and give you nice glowing skin this summer. 

This brush is made our of soft natural fiber jute. The brushes are handmade by a woman own company who not only manufacture the brushes but actually farm the jute they are made from! 


Ingredients: ethically sourced jute

How It Feels

soft fibers in a shape to perfectly hold in your palm


Never get your dry brush wet; to clean tap on a hard surface; once a week, put brush in the sun for 24 hours for a ntural sanitation

Skin Types

all skin types

  • packaged in the USA

  • ethically sourced jute fibers

  • women made

  • produced sustainably

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get smooth

Dry Brush How-To

1. Starting at the feet, work in a circular upward motion
2. Move to calves, thighs and butt usually a little more pressure

3. Continue to arms, moving from hands to shoulders

4. Lastly, do your lower back, abdomen + chest

5. Take a shower or bath; use body oil or lotion after

TIP: only use brush on dry skin

  • Dry Brush

    Regular price $15.00 USD
    Regular price $25.00 USD Sale price $15.00 USD
    Dry BrushDry Brush