Sun Down Starter

An easy way to quickly bring in the seasonal Sun Down Summer collection to your retail.

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Bring the Sun Down Summer collection into your retail space with this starter set! Once you figure out your best sellers, you can easily restock with our individual product bundles.

This retail starter set includes:

+ 5 Sun Down Sprays

+ 5 Sun Down Shimmers in Lunar Lustre

+ 5 Sun Down Shimmers in Venus Verve

+ 5 Sun Down Shimmers in Magic Mercury 

+ Shelf Talkers

+ Custom My Friends Use This Tissue Paper


Key Features

  • Sun Down Spray

    5-pack of your favorite hydrating mist

  • Sun Down Shimmer

    5-pack of each shade of highlighter

  • Shelf Talkers

    pack of 5 double sided shelf talkers

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