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Pack of 5 Konjac Sponges to use in your back bar and retail to your clients!

Active Ingredients include:

+ Pack of 5 Turmeric

+ Pack of 5 Pure Konjac

+ Pack of 5 Pink French Clay

+ Pack of 5 Bamboo Charcoal

Active Ingredient


Ingredients: konjac + active ingredients

Charcoal: detox skin, absorb toxins, even complexion

Pure: just pure konjac sponge to moisturize and soothe 

Turmeric: glowing skin, inflammation, complexion

Red Clay: rejuvenating, refreshing, toning 

How It Feels

once wet, this sponge is airy + soft


hang to dry in between uses and discard after 2-3 months

Skin Types

all skin types

  • recyclable packaging

  • zero-waste

  • free of dyes

  • biodegradable

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soft sponge

Konjac Sponge How-To

1. Soak under warm water to soften sponge

2. Use directly on skin as a quick refresh or apply your favorite face wash for a deeper cleanse

3. Rinse and hang to dry in between uses

TIP: hang to dry inbetween uses to legthen the life of your sponge

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