3 steps to the perfect steam

3 steps to the perfect steam

The ultimate treatment room enhancement is only 3 steps away…

Steams are a great way to boost clientele experience (whether you choose to do them complimentary or as an add-on) and they are EASY to prepare and execute. Simplicity with a large impact? Yes plz. 

Here are the three steps you will need to follow for the perfect steam experience:

  1. PREP

Our steams come in glass jars (because duh they are sustainable AND they are SO pretty on your treatment room shelves) so you will need to prep your Steam Bags first. Take an empty Steam Bag and put 2-3 scoops of Steam into the bag. We love using our Steam Spoon for this (it’s the perfect size!!) but a teaspoon would also work! Have a busy day? You can pre-fill multiple bags before your first client ever arrives!

     2. PLACE

Take you filled Steam Bag and place into the herb basket in your steamer. Some people twist the bag, some people just place the bag into the plastic herb basket. Either way works just make sure it won't spill out! Screw the lid shut and get ready to steam! No herb basket? You can place the herbs directly into the water basin!

    3. STEAM

Make sure your steamer is filled up with filtered water and get it turned on right before your client shows up! They are about to get a super luxurious addition to your already amazing experience. 


Let us know how your first steam experience goes and if you haven't purchased your steams yet, you can order them here!


PS Kasey Boone Skincare ™ posted an amazing blog diving into these 3 steps from an esthetician POV. Make sure you go read it here

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