hi friends

We are Madison and Keele, the creators of My Friends Use This. We started this company out of need- we were recently (ish) out of college and looking for a skincare line that was clean, affordable, didn't require us to buy a million different products AND the biggest request...we wanted it to be sustainable. 

After searching and searching we found nothing. Until we realized we were the answer. Keele, with her degree in Biology and Madison with her degree in Agricultural and Environmental Plant Science, decided to take on the challenge of formulating a skincare line to fit everyone's needs and budget. After completing multiple courses in botanical skincare and formulation, we began My Friends Use This.  

My Friends Use This is a skincare line focused on food grade ingredients, multi-use products and zero waste packaging.


Our friends use this and soon yours will too.



Madison + Keele are both certified herbalists and have completed over 10 courses on skincare formulation, herbalism and skin anatomy.

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