3 ways to use the gotu kola | moringa balm!

3 ways to use the gotu kola | moringa balm!

We are in LOVE with our recently released gotu kola | moringa balm! It is super hydrating without feeling heavy on your skin, the texture is literally amazing (it is creamy in the container but then melts with the warmth of your skin) AND it's packed with nutrients. 

the best part about it?

There are SO many different ways to use it! We are giving you our top 3 favs  


1) Cleansing Balm: this is what the balm was created to do. It has amazing cleansing power from the castor oil, shea butter and kokum butter as well as moisturizing oils. It can totally melt makeup off your face, remove sunscreen and clear away dirt without stripping your skin. Even though this balm is made of oils, kokum butter has a high concentration of stearic acid which acts as an emulsifier allowing water to wash away the balm and unwanted makeup/sunscreen/dirt on your face. 

How to use: take a pea size amount of balm and gently rub into dry skin. Wet a natural fiber towel with warm water until it’s a little steamy. Place over your entire face until the steam cools off and then gently remove balm from skin with the towel. 

2) Moisturizer: anyone with dry skin out there?! This balm can not only cleanse your skin but it can also be used as a facial moisturizer! Shea butter and kokum butter are intensely softening and moisturizing aiding in skin healing and rejuvenation. Pro tip: don’t want to bring your whole skin routine on a weekend trip? Just pack your balm! Use to cleanse and then reapply small amount as moisturizer. 

How to use: take a small amount and let it melt between your fingers. Pat into skin after using the mix but before using the oil. 

3) Body Balm: so we talked a little about how moisturizing this balm can be soooo why not cover your whole body in it? We especially love using it as a lip conditioner or on dry/cracked hands but is great on elbows, arms, legs, heels/feet, décolletage...everywhere!

How to use: take desired amount and let melt into your dry skin.


What's your favorite way to use the balm? Tell us in the comments below!

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