5 ways to use your gotu kola | moringa oil

5 ways to use your gotu kola | moringa oil

Facial oils are the best way to end your My Friends Use This skincare routine. They are going to provide your skin with a ton of super powerful ingredients. For our Gotu Kola Moringa Oil, we chose a Gotu Kola and Moringa infused grapeseed oil for a dose of vitamins + minerals as well as moisture and antioxidants. Apricot oil has a light texture but packs a big punch in terms of smoothing fine lines + wrinkles, nourishing your skin and stopping blemishes in their tracks. Finally, jojoba oil provides your skin with plumping fatty acids

Like all of our products, the Gotu Kola | Moringa Oil has approx one million uses...but here are our top 5 ways to incorporate the oil into your daily routine...



1) Cuticle Care- As we wash our hands, use hand sanitizer and deal with drying cold weather, our cuticles can take a hit. Say goodbye to dry and cracked cuticles! A drop or two of our gotu kola | moringa oil will quickly help hydrate and soften your cuticles. 


2) Mask Mix-In- We love clay face masks because they are so customizable. Next time you're mixing up a mask, add a few drops of our Gotu Kola | Moringa Oil for an extra dose of nutrients and moisture!


3) Hair Repair- Ends of your hair feeling a little dry? Try adding a drop of the Gotu Kola | Moringa Oil! Grapeseed oil is great at renewing and nourishing hair and may even help minimize the look of split ends. Start out with a small amount just at the ends of your hair and work up as needed (it is oil + we don't want to be blamed if you put 100 drops on your hair before a date or something)


4) Skincare Tools- Have you hopped on the facial rolling or gua sha train yet? It is always suggested to use your skincare tools with an oil. The oil will help the tool glide across your face smoothly without causing friction or pulling on delicate skin. The tools will also help penetrate your facial oil deeper into your skin- so it's a win win.



5) Beard Care- Calling all men! This is your chance to easily and quickly take care of that beard you love. This beard oil will help nourish the hair and hair follicles but will also keep the skin under your beard soft and moisturized. Depending on the beard, a drop or two will do the trick! No more itchy beard PLUS it will look v nice without the heavy feeling that comes with traditional beard oils or balms. 


What's your favorite way to us the oil? Tell us below!

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