A Holistic Winter Skincare Routine

A Holistic Winter Skincare Routine

With cold weather and indoor heaters going, winter skin can be dry and chapped. Skincare products need to be gentle and ultra nourishing in order to combat any winter skin issues. Here is our favorite winter routine:

1) Balm - this is a cleansing balm to help remove makeup, sunscreen and debris from skin. It is made from super nourishing butters and oils to leave your skin soft and plump. 

BONUS: use this on dry, cracked hands, elbows, arms or legs!

2) Mix - this is a micellar water AKA a blend of herbal infused astringent, soothing hydrosol and oils. This is all the benefits of an astringent for skin without leaving it stripped. It's the best at removing any water-proof makeup and providing a mild cleanse after the balm. 

3) Oil - ending your skincare routine with a facial oil is going to lock in all the moisture and really nourish your skin. Our facial oil is amazing for a quick facial massage to increase circulation. 

4) Tea - it is cold out and you NEED something warm to drink. Brew up a cup (or pot) of our beauty tea! It is caffeine free so not only can you drink it in the AM or PM but it is also going to be super hydrating. The blend of different herbs and flowers is extremely soothing and packed with nutrients. 

Which are you adding into your winter skincare routine today?

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