Calendula 101: the power soother

Calendula 101: the power soother

Calendula (kuh-len-juh-luh) is a pretty yellow/orange marigold flower that is harvested and dried before being used for infusions, teas or tinctures. Calendula actually contains a resin which can give the flowers a sticky feeling!

Historically, Calendula has been used to soothe cuts and burns. It contains natural salicylic acid that can soothe irritations or itching. On top of that, it contains flavonoids, terpenes, saponins & volatile oils giving it antioxidant properties to keep skin protected, a nice aroma, relaxing & skin soothing characteristics.

Fatty acids are notorious for plumping the skin. Calendula has a fatty acid called linoleic acid which will support the skin barrier. A healthy skin barrier will help your skin function properly as well as mitigates water loss. 

Have you ever tried skincare products with calendula in them? Tell us in the comments!

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