Kasey Boone’s Top 3 Tips for using Essential Oil

Kasey Boone’s Top 3 Tips for using Essential Oil

We are so excited to have Kasey Boone feature on our blog today! She is sharing with us her top 3 ways to use the Glow by Kasey Boone Skincare Essential Oil...

Kasey Boone Skincare™ Essential Oil GlowKasey Boone Skincare™ Essential Oil Glow

Glow Essential Oil truly has a scent like no other. We took months curating the best organic essential oils with the most uniquely warm, calming but also uplifting scent. With ingredients like rose, geranium and lemon, your clients will come running back for more.

Here are a few of my favorite ways to use (Glow) essential oil in and out of the treatment room.

1. In a super cute diffuser that can be placed in the lobby, bathroom or treatment room. Think filling your entire space with this scent. Heaven!

2. At the beginning and/or end of your facial. Just a drop on the palm of your hand, while your client takes 3 deep breaths. What a way to relax, center and calm the mind.

3. Infuse your hot towels. Hopefully you are using The Original Perfect Facial Towel. wink* wink* Get a slightly damp cotton round, add 2-3 drops of Glow EO and place at the bottom of your towel cabinet to infuse your towels all day. This will save you from using too much EO as well as not over saturate your towels.

KB tip! Use it in your own mediation practice or keep it in your car to lighten the mood!


Xoxox Kasey Boone


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