Let's Get Vibey: designing your treatment room

Let's Get Vibey: designing your treatment room

Is your treatment room Insta worthy? Whether you’re renting a room or have a full blow studio, we have put together some of our favorite inspo to make your treatment room match your brand aesthetic to create a space you love to work in that keeps your clientele coming back. 

When people are spending money on a service, they want that full experience. They want a solid vibe and brand. It will make your business stand out from the crowd and ultimately you will be able to charge more for your services because customers will come to you for that well thought out brand and experience. 

We have put together 5 different treatment room mood board for you on Pinterest! These will have decor items, treatment room must haves and unique tools. Here’s the breakdown:


Warm neutrals, lots of texture (all your rattan dreams will come true), beautiful rugs and a mini fridge reno we are obsessing over. It is fun, modern and professional. 


Black and white EVERYTHING from tables to towel warmers to art to mini fridges and more. This board is super modern but welcoming. It is a TOTAL VIBE and will make any space feel super upscale.



Warm neutrals and whites, natural wood, simple, uncluttered space. This is like a modern spa vibe. Super relaxing but really upscale and boujee. Total Leanne Ford vibes here. 


I mean...the title pretty much explains itself. ALL THINGS PINK can be found on the board. Tables, gloves, chairs, dried flowers, art, glasses, crystals and more. These pins are more refined, upscale and mature for being totally decked out in pink!


The 70s called and they want their treatment room back...oranges, yellows, patterns, velvet + we are obsessed. An accent wall or statement piece of furniture can go a long way in creating a vibey space and this board is packed with them! 

We can’t wait to hear what you think of these treatment room vibes - and be sure to tag us if you pick up any of the items so we can see them in your space!!

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