organizing your treatment room

organizing your treatment room

If you've been around here for a while, it's no surprise we love everything about Emily Stites from The Brow Fox // Suite Spot SLO. Between being a badass mom, starting her own professional product line, running a building of beauty suites and taking clients, she somehow found the time to start a podcast!

One episode we loved was with AJ Organizing! The two women went over all of the things to help organize you business and set yourself up for success. Here are our favorite takeaway points from the episode...


1) refills: do you have a ton of bulk supplies and tools? We are talking tissues, SMA, guaze, cotton rounds, spoolies etc. Keep those refills in a separate area (if you can!) There is totally no need to keep all that extra stock in your treatment room if you have the option to move it somewhere else. This is going to keep your treatment room clean, usable and efficient 


PRO TIP FROM EMILY: pick a day of the week (she suggested Friday night) to restock and refill for the upcoming weekend/week and have a designated space to do so


2) small spaces: a lot of the time treatment rooms are SMALL. What can you do to maximize storage space? Take advantage of vertical space especially in cabinets! Try adding more shelves or use risers) or using boxes with lids that can be stacked on top of each other (bonus: you can get a color that matches your aesthetic, they are cost efficient and they can be labeled!)

3) create more space: the more stuff you organize and put away, the more space you will have for the tools you need during a treatment, equipment and décor!

 Now that you have everything organized, it's time to style! Make sure you head to our blog post "Let's Get Vibey" for a look at our favorite treatment room décor! Just remember that when you are decorating, keep your necessities easy to access.

What are things that help you stay organized? Tell us in the comments!

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