Peel Season 101 with Hanna Fisher

Peel Season 101 with Hanna Fisher

September 7th officially marks the beginning of PEEL SEASON! We talked with Hanna Fisher of Blue Dot Beauty to give you all of the information you need about peel season whether you are a person looking to get your first peel or an professional esthetician! Let's dive in...


Hanna! Can you introduce yourself and your business to us? How did you get started?

I am a Makeup Artist and Licensed Esthetician. Cruelty Free and Earth Conscious. My focus is on using the nature of science to care for and enhance skin from the inside out.

After growing up on the Central Coast, I left to explore art, music and psychology in Southern California. A few years and a bachelor's degree later, I returned to the Central Coast where I married and started a family.

I worked many years in the manufacturing and business worlds, but my eye for and long time love of make-up led me to freelance make-up work.

My love of makeup has evolved in to an even greater love for skin. Enhancing health and beauty from the inside out. Protecting our environment (the human body as well as the earth) is a number one priority in my practice.

Over the years my makeup work has been seen in publications such as Vintage NYC Magazine, FAE Magazine, Lilly Magazine, Performance Apparel, and in online campaigns like Lucy Aragon for La Isla Brand Swimwear.

I love that your skincare business started with such a strong vision with even stronger values. These are a few of the reasons we wanted to do this mini interview with you…well and the fact that you are an AMAZING esthetician!!

Since we are quickly approaching peel season, can you explain to us what a peel is?

I feel the same about you guys! It’s such a great feeling to find like minded people and businesses.

Yes! Absolutely! There is certainly a peel season. When the sun is less severe and we start dressing more for cold weather and spend the majority of our time in doors, peel season begins.

A peel is a chemical process (as opposed to a physical one). Carefully selected chemicals are used to remove top layers of skin in the face (how many depends on the type/depth of the peel…ie light, medium, deep). Once these layers are removed, new, healthier layers are revealed. The lighter, or more surface level the peel is, the more treatments may be require to achieve the desired result. Some desired results include:
minimizing lines and wrinkles, scars, and discoloration/pigmentation issues, and improvement in skin texture.

Oh amazing!! Is there anyone that should avoid peels? What could someone expect during and after the service?

Peels require both skin preparation outside the treatment room (a skincare regimen provided by the esthetician or physician (if a deeper level peel) and post care after the treatment.
I tell my clients if they aren’t good about following a daily skincare routine, then a peel is not for them.
Additionally, there are some contraindications for peels as well:

•use of Retin-A, Acutane, Steroids, and/or other skin thinning and exfoliating products within the last 6months to 1 year

•Recent laser resurfacing, cosmetic surgery, dermabrasion, or recent medium depth to deep chemical peel
•tendency to easily scar or pigment (family history of keloids, etc)

•Pregnancy, Breast Feeding (always consult your physician)

•Severe Rosacea or acne


•Sores or open wounds

•High Blood Pressure, Heart Disease, Diabetes

•Infectious Disease

•Active Herpes


•Recent Tattoo/Cosmetic Tattoo Work (must be fully healed)

•Others indicated by your doctor

During the treatment:
The treatment process may vary by the depth of peel and the type of peel being performed. Generally, however, after the skin has been prepped (by the client at home for a predetermined time period) the provider will cleanse the skin. Layers of a chemical solution will then be applied, one at a time, with a cotton swab or gauze pad. The client may feel mild to intense activity (aka spiciness, tingling, even a bit of burning). Some may experience a whitening of the skin called “frosting” during the process.
Once the appropriate amount of layers have been applied and allowed to penetrate the skin, they are either removed or neutralized with another product (some neutralize on their own after a certain amount of time). The provider will then apply other treatment room product as indicated by the peel they have chosen with their provider.

Post Treatment:
SUN PROTECTION, SUN PROTECTION, SUN PROTECTION!!! SPF, hats, other protective clothing!

Skin can be red, swollen, tight. It is so important to be diligent with cleansing, moisturizing, and applying protective ointments, etc. along with sunscreen.
The duration of the healing process varies by individual and the depth of the peel. Actual peeling and sloughing off of dead skin may or may not occur (and may change from peel to peel).

SO much good information here. We feel like we kind of hit everything that someone could expect going into a peel!!

Let’s dive into the pro side…what is your favorite peel to offer to clients and why?

Ok! My favorite in treatment room peel is by iS Clinical and is called the Prodigy Peel. The reason I love it so much is because it is well suited to a wide variety of clients, as it is gentle. Don’t let the term gentle fool you…it’s VERY effective. My approach to everything from makeup to skincare to skin treatments is more in the conservative side. I would much rather do 3 gentle peels to get you where you want to be than 1 really intense one that requires some serious recovery time. I always err on the side of caution.
I also love this peel because it can be up-kept (after initial peel heeling) using iS Clinical’s at home Active Peel System. The combination is a no brainer for me!

We love your more gradual and intentional approach to the process! Do you have any advice someone trying to add a peel to their services?

I’d recommend coming in for a consult and custom facial (we’ll do an extensive skin analysis and a nice cleanse and balancing treatment). From there we can begin properly prepping the skin together for peeling treatments! This allows me to get to know your skin and YOU and what you expect out of your peel experience.

And for the pros, any good resources or training courses you recommend?

I always keep my eyes open for continuing education! Concepts Institute of Advanced Technology offers some great courses on skin anatomy and well as peels. I also recommend taking the courses provided by the manufacturer of the peel you are offering. If they don’t offer one or require one, I’d rethink offering that particular peel. Lastly, refresh your knowledge once a year. Technology moves fast these days and new information is constantly being shared.


Hanna, thank you SO much for sharing your knowledge with us! Where can people find you?


I am on Instagram @blue_dot_beauty or @hannafishermakeup. All appointments can be booked online at


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