Rebranding with Andrea from MB Skin Spa

Rebranding with Andrea from MB Skin Spa

FRIENDS! We are so excited to kick off our blog series for October!! If you didn't know, October is National Esthetician Month. To celebrate, we have interviews coming to you from some of our fav esties around!

We are kicking off this series with Andrea from MB Skin Spa. We LOVE her and couldn't wait to ask her all about her recent rebranding. If you don't follow her yet, she did an amazing job at creating the perfect boho vibe.

We can't wait to hear what you think of this interview!!



Q: We are so excited to be featuring you for National Esthetician Month!! Can you introduce yourself and how you got started in the industry?

A: Sure! My name is Andrea and I'm an Esthetician and spa owner in Manhattan Beach California. I have two sons and a new puppy! In 2007 I was searching for a new career and one of my passions at the time was makeup so I started exploring how to get training and experience when I came across the term "Esthetician". I had never been to a spa or to an aesthetician but it sounded like an interesting job. I've always loved all thing beauty and love to help others feel good so I decided to take a tour of a school and get more info. I found an amazing school in Costa Mesa California and I signed up! I took classes at night for 8 months. During that time I completely fell in love with giving facials and loved learning about ingredients in skincare products.

After I graduated I decided to rent my own room in a hair salon to see how it would go. I enjoyed it but I knew I needed a more "spa" like environment so I ended up interviewing for a day spa. I got the job and 8 years later I took over the spa!

This January I launched my new brand MB Skin Spa and completely redesigned all the rooms!


Q: That's amazing!!! Can you tell us more about the rebrand? What were your steps? How did you find inspiration? It's literally SO cute and perfect - a total vibe!

A: Thanks! The previous brand really fit the previous owner. I wanted to create a space that reflected my vibe since I spend so much time here but that also would attract the clientele base I wanted. Part of my inspiration came from a trip to Joshua Tree. The cabin I stayed in had a mix of woods, natural tones, and plants. I felt really reflective in that space and I knew I needed to bring some of those elements to the spa. Plants make me so happy and I see a lot of similarity between skin and plants so I have those all over the spa. I love the calming vibe of neutral tones and textures. My treatment room has mood lighting that I change daily to match the energy of that day. It just feels right to me. I take a lot of pride in creating a mood for my clients where they can come to connect deeper to themselves (while I pamper their skin). 

As for the rebrand, I let it unfold very organically. I created mood boards on Canva and just kept moving things around until the fonts, colors and mood fit together. I didn't overthink - I just followed my gut. A brand is definitely not just a name, it's a feeling. So I asked myself what was the feeling I wanted to create when clients found me? The same words came up again and again - modern bohemian.


Q: Okay those branding tips are too good. Love that you pulled inspiration from a trip and kind of let things fall into place from there. We also really love that you were thinking about what your dream clientele would be drawn to. We did the same thing when we created My Friends Use This! It's such a good starting point. 

If someone is trying to define their brand more, what is one thing you would tell them?

A: Look inward. Let your brand be a reflection of your passion and energy. It will feel more authentic to your clients!'ll love it more because it is an extension of you!



Q: So now that you have this beautiful space and super solid brand, what's next for your business? Where do you see MB Skin Spa growing over the next few years?

A: I have such a passion for helping other Estheticians be successful so I hope offer some training and coaching! I also can't wait to formulate some of my own skincare products!


Q: If you had ONE tip for other pros what would it be?

A: To be great at something you have to do that something a lot! So don't be hard on yourself when you're not perfect at something right away. Give yourself space and time to grow!


Q: Where can we find you?

A: On Instagram @mbskinspa and online at!

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