Recycle Awareness Week

Recycle Awareness Week

Sustainability is at the core of My Friends Use This. We are excited to kick off Recycle Awareness Week by defining a few terms you may see on beauty packages + what those mean for you.



One major issue with recycling plastic is that a lot of times even if it is recycled, it’s never put to use. If your only packaging option is plastic, look for a PCR or rPET bottle. PCR means post-consumer recycled meaning that the plastic this PCR bottle is made out of recycled plastic! rPET stands for recycled PET plastic but has the same principles as PCR.


Plastic Recycling Symbols

Ever wonder what those numbers inside a triangle mean on your plastic bottles? These numbers indicate what material the bottle is made from. Some of these materials can be recycled while some have to be thrown away.



Percent Recycled

California is now requiring 15% recycled content in beverage containers - while beauty product containers still aren’t required to contain recycled materials, a lot of them do it anyways! If you can’t avoid a plastic container, look to see if it contains any recycled materials. This is a more conscious way to shop plastic.


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