Skincare Affirmations for 2023

Skincare Affirmations for 2023

New Year, New Mindset. Affirmations are positive statements you repeat to yourself to boost self-esteem, change your mindset and encourage positive behaviors. Needless to say that we totally believe in skincare affirmations as part of your holistic skincare routine.


Here are our favorites going into 2023...

1) My skin is healthy and healing.

2) I am comfortable in my skin.

3) My skin is healthy, glowing and balanced.

4) I'm healing my skin from the inside out.

5) I am beautiful on the inside and out.

6) I am allowed to age gracefully.

7) I trust my skin's ability to heal itself.

8) I choose to see my skin with love.

9) I love my skin.

10) I am blessed with lines, wrinkles and scars that tell my story.


We love using our skincare affirmations while dry brushing, practicing facial massage or washing our faces. 

Which are you going to incorporate into your skincare routine?

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