summer skincare 101

summer skincare 101

With the change in weather comes a change in skincare! Here are a few things you may experience as the temperatures rise and you spend more time outside!


1) dry skin: chlorine, salt water + hot weather can all cause dehydrated skin. Keeping yourself hydrated is a great way to combat that, but often you may need a little more help externally! Using products to moisturize your skin is always a plus in the summer months especially when they can repair + protect your skin barrier function. 

The entire Sun Down Summer collection was created with dry skin in mind! From the spray to the soap, we have full body care!


2) breakouts: if your skin is dehydrated and dry, your body will want to produce more oil as a defense mechanism! This extra oil could lead to more breakouts than normal. Another big factor is improper removal of sunscreen - make sure you are double cleansing after a long day in the sun!

The Gotu Kola | Moringa Balm and Mix are the perfect duo for this. Literally magic.


3) damage: UV radiation causes oxidative stress which then leads to the formation of reactive oxygen species or maybe you've heard them called free radicals. UV radiation exposure is cited as a cause in 65% of melanomas and 90% of other types of skin cancer, thus making it the number one risk factor in the development of skin cancer THAT YOU CAN CHANGE (D'Orazio et al., 2001). Solutions? SPF, hats/clothing + skincare packed with antioxidants.

Locally made tinted mineral sunscreen is our favorite way to protect our skin this summer + the soak is PACKED with antioxidants.


How are you taking care of your skin this summer? We'd love to know any tips or tricks you may have!

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