Sustainably Steaming

Sustainably Steaming

We are big on suitability over here at My Friends Use This. In an industry full of single use packaging, tons of plastic and overall waste, we are always doing what we can to lower our environmental impact.


We are excited to be sharing some of our favorite ways to sustainably use our herbal steams in your treatment room!


  1. compost. Did you know you can compost your herbal steam once you are finished with it?! Just like tea, these herbs will naturally biodegrade. Check with your local community but if you are in San Luis Obispo, you can throw food waste (like the herbal steam) into your green waste bin!
  2. refill. We were beyond excited to learn that Kasey Boone of Kasey Boone Skincare was totally on board with a refill bag. While glass is a super environmentally friendly material, we wanted to further reduce our environmental impact by offering refill bags that are not only a double size of the small steam but are also recyclable.
  3. bags. While you can use any sort of tea bag for your herbal steam, we specifically picked ours for a few reasons. They are unbleached and biodegradable!
    3 Steam Sustainability Tips

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