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PLyn is a very well known potter from Ojai, CA. Her organic shapes and beautiful glaze make for one of a kind ware. 

We love these bowls for mixing up a good face mask - the small size is perfect for applying a premixed mask or enzyme while the bigger bowl is great for mixing up powdered masks or creating a mask cocktail. 

Because each bowl is handmade, they will all be a little different in terms of shape, size and glaze as shown in the pictures!




Pairs With

Gotu Kola | Moringa Mask or Pro Exclusive Liquid Enzyme


Handwash with gentle soap

  • food-safe glaze

  • made in California

  • each bowl is unique

  • produced sustainably

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elevate your routine

Bowl How-To

1. Use to mix up your Gotu Kola | Moringa mask
2. Hand wash with warm water and gentle soap

TIP: This bowl could be used as a ring bowl, votive, snack bowl and more!

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Super Cute

"It's super cute! and easy to blend products in!" - Aestheticsstudio by Phuong

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